About us

Who we are

Jerash Drug Store is a leading pharmaceutical company involved in contracting with local and international pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to import, market and distribute pharma and health care products with clear vision to actively participate in the promotion of health care and wellbeing among Jordan population.

For over 30 years Jerash Drug Store has built an excellent rapport with its clients of pharmacies – hospitals & medical team members in both private and governmental sectors.

Jerash Drug Store runs a culture-based business utilizing modern business models.

Our Vision

To become one of Jordan’s unique pharmaceutical organizations when it comes to values, customer experience & diversity of products.

Our Mission

To provide a high quality product that meets the local market needs & ultimately helps improving quality of community health.

Our Values

  • We conduct our business interaction with transparency and integrity.
  • We are passionately loyal to improving healthcare and lifestyle in the local market.
  • We advocate and support education and awareness through our valuable partnership with our health care network.


Dr. Khatib established family owned, Jerash Drug Store, in March 1992 utilizing his past education and long experience in Kuwait, USA, Saudi Arabia and Jordan in the fields of detailing and promotion of pharmaceuticals, managing hospital pharmacies, bulk procurement, material management and pharmaceutical marketing.


  • 1992 > Wholesaler as sub agent for local products
  • 1993 > Acquired sole distribution agreement with JPM
  • 1996 > Acquired agency of Merz Pharmaceuticals
  • 2016 > Acquired agency of Pharmann
  • 2016 > Acquired agency of Sylphar
  • 2016 > Acquired agency of Medimar

Organizational Chart